Strategy – Mid Term Plan

Organise data collection of revenue, employees, investment over next 5 years through all your facilities, launch this campaign over 1 month every year, restrict data sharing between facilities, provide real time access to regional managers (they can see a set of facilities), get real time consolidation. Read more

Projects – deployment plan

Follow-up a project deployment plan through all facilities (or shops, departments, etc.). Over a 6 month period, each facility set it’s project progress. Country managers can see project deployment of their facilities, corporate teams have automatic consolidation of the deployment plan. Read more

Management – Audit

Deploy a self-audit plan to all departments of your company. Each department (multiple users) can at anytime update their self-audit. Managers have view over their departments and can automatically consolidate data to build a scoring.  Read more

Supply  Chain – Collect warranty information

Deploy a reporting tool to let all your facilities report monthly warranty information. Monitor consolidated data in real time, export easily to build KPIs.  Read more

Human Ressources – Employee information directory

Let each employee provide some information. Secured confidentiality between employees. Managers can monitor their teams (not other teams). HR department can consolidate information in real time. Read more

IT – Inventory

Collect IT inventory (computers, servers, phones, etc.) over all your facilities. Each IT department team has 1 month to report these figures. Managers have real-time overview of the figures, Corporate teams have real-time full consolidation. As figures are in a single Google Sheet, a dashboard with graphs can be published automatically. Read more