When connecting to the Report configuration spreadsheet, each column defines a question of the Report

  • Tab : the Tab name of the question
  • Paragraph : the Paragraph title of the question
  • Question : the question text itself
  • Visible : if “N”, this question will not be visible on the user form nor in exports
  • Who can edit : define who can edit this question.┬áR:Reporter, M:Manager, RM:Reporter & Manager
  • Format : set the question format
  • List of Values : if Format is “LIST”, this will be a drop-down list with values. Split them with a comma (,)


Reports for Work lets you collect, consolidate and report data with Google Apps. It’s an easy, simple that provides fast added value to your business.


Each modification is automatically visible on the User Interface.

You can add as many questions (columns) as you want.