Build your Report
  • organize questions in paragraphs and tabs
  • define if questions are visible or not
  • set who can answer each question : Reporters or Managers
  • define question format (text, long text, decimal, list, url)
  • Set Report title
  • Define reporting period (Reporters & Managers can only data between 2 dates)
Build Entities list
  • Reports for Work can handle thousands of Entities. Each Entity is defined by a unique code. An Entity can be a business unit name, a country, a department, a customer, a shop, …
  • Set the Reporters of each Entity
  • Set the Managers of each Entity
Set default of fixed values
  • Some questions can be in read-only mode with predefined values set by the Business owner
Report data
  • Reporters & Managers can only see their Entities, through the User app
  • Each Reporter & Manager can edit values, update them whenever requested.
  • Reporters, Managers and Business Owners can export data to a Google Spreadsheet. Only allowed Entities are exported
Create new reports
  • Business Owners can create new Reports (no limit)
  • They can also stop a Reporting, change questions, and submit it again to the same Reporters & Managers
  • Managers and Business owners can consolidate data with a simple Export. All Entities data are stored in a single Google Spreadsheet that is your property (Reports for Work doesn’t own any Report)